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    weld00148 - unsatisfied dependencies.

    José Antonio Delgado Trujillo Newbie


      I am working in a project with cdi-vaadin.

      i replayed de tutorial vaadin-cdi



      It has only a :


      public interface Greeting {

        public String getText();



      public class SimpleGreetingImpl implements Greeting, Serializable {



        public String getText() {

        return "Hello, World!";





      The inject point is in the UI of Vaadin.




      public class HelloWorldUI extends UI {



        private Greeting greeting;





      When i tried to deploy i ve got the ERROR

      WELD-001408: Unsatisfied dependencies for type Greeting with qualifiers @Default


      In the Eclipse IDE I've got a warning in the injection point

      No bean is elegible to the injection point [JSR-346 5.2.2]


      In JSR-346 5.2.2 talk that an unsatisfied dependency exist at an injection point when no bean is elegible for injection to the injection point.


      I have an implementation of greeting, why the container can't see it?