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    Help! Want to auto-generate primary keys with EJB 2, CMP/MyS

    Tim Bessie Newbie

      Hello all...

      I'm in a project porting from Weblogic/Oracle to JBoss/MySQL. We're sticking with EJB 2's for now.

      I did the Oracle -> MySQL part, and now am working on the Weblogic -> JBoss part.

      In migrating to MySQL, I changed use of Oracle SEQUENCE's to separate sequence tables. Weblogic supports generation of keys from these tables.

      However, it would seem that there is no built-in technique for auto-generating primary keys from specified tables in JBoss. Each primary key needs to have it's own counter (i.e. I can't generate them all from one place); I was thinking of using the 'entity-command' element, but that would require writing a class for each entity (or perhaps just one rather smart entity).

      Does anyone know if JBoss 4.2.2 can do what I want?

      - Tim