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    JBeret JDBC Job Repository in EAP 7 Beta

    Jonathan Trafford Newbie



      I'm doing some investigation into the usability of the JBeret integration with EAP 7.  Configured as follows in my standalone.xml


      <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:batch-jberet:1.0">

      <default-job-repository name="db"/>

      <default-thread-pool name="batch"/>

      <job-repository name="db">

      <jdbc data-source="JBeretDS"/>


      <thread-pool name="batch">

      <max-threads count="10"/>

      <keepalive-time time="30" unit="seconds"/>




      I'm finding that if the jboss server is killed/crashed while a job is Running, that job will always return when I call the BatchRuntime.getJobOperator().getRunningExecutions("myJob").


      Additionally the batch status of the JobExecution will return STARTED.


      Maybe i'm missing something, but is there a way to detemine which jobs have been interrupted and are in this state?