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    JBPM 5.4.0-Final: Identifying Task Creation and Task Table Update

    mariaprabudass Edwin Newbie




      JBPM: 5.4.0-Final

      Drools: 5.5.0-Final


      In JBPM when a task gets complete, the next task is created as expected.

      private TaskService client;

      client.addTask(task, content);


      But I need to do some other operations (Custom functionality of my own) once the task is created and an entry is inserted in Task table. I am blind in getting know that when the new task creation is done as expected. Don't know when the new task is getting inserted into the Task table.


      Is it possible to know the task creation is done successfully using any Status? I have checked using "task.getTaskData().getStatus();"


      It returns "Ready/Reserved". But when checking Task table, there was no new task created that time. But Later it gets inserted.


      I have tried 2 handlers (LocalHTWorkItemHandler & SyncWSHumanTaskHandler).


      All i need is, need to know when the task created and inserted in Task table.


      Thanks for looking into this.