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    uiselectmany on command line?

    John Franey Novice

      I don't understand UISelectMany with class names.


      My addon defines a ui component for a class selection as such:



      @WithAttributes(label = "targets", required = true, type = InputType.JAVA_CLASS_PICKER);

      private UISelectMany<JavaResource> targets;


      All other ui properties are optional.


      In case it matters, in initializeUI I scan for qualified classes and add them to 'targets' with:




      The intention of the above is for the select-list to be pre-populated.


      Then, at runt time, I use forge command line:

      <my addon's command> --targets org.example.library.rest.LibrarianRR


      And it prompts, as follows, note that option [1] is not already selected.


      ***INFO*** Required inputs not satisfied, entering interactive mode

      [0] ( ) org.example.library.book.model.BookRR

      [1] ( ) org.example.library.rest.LibrarianRR


      Press <ENTER> to confirm, or <CTRL>+C to cancel.


      I would like to pass a class name for 'targets' UISelectMany in the command line....and skip the interactive mode.  I don't want to be prompted after I specify a target on the command line.