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    JBPM 6 Abort Processes




      I want to abort processes in JBPM. For this I am using JBPM 6, abort process API(Rest API exposed by JBPM). But I encounter few problems :-


      1. The rest API take processid as a parameter. So, I need to call Rest API for every record in my database. If my database contains millions of records then there will be millions of rest call. Is there any way by which I can abort the JBPM process in one go rather then calling rest api for each process id.


      2. The Rest API is taking long time 4sec for every request. Is this because of huge data in database (JBPM is searching for process Id).


      I basically need a way to abort the process quickly. What will be the best way to achieve that.


      Any help will be highly appreciated.


      Thanks In Advance