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    JTA.next input request

    Tom Jenkinson Master

      For those not following the jta-spec mailing list a message was recently posted asking for input on the top priorities to work on for the next release of the spec.


      The message is over here: https://java.net/projects/jta-spec/lists/users/archive/2016-05/message/0


      I don't want to fragment discussion so please do contribute to that discussion, but we in the Narayana team would also be interested to hear whether there are particular improvements that you feel would benefit our project.


      The two areas that were currently identified as priorities are related to XAR ordering (JTA_SPEC-4) and one to allow a timeout value to be set for the JTA 1.2 Transactional annotation.


      The JTA_SPEC-4 one I know we have discussed versions of this before, and to consider expanding to include Syncs would also benefit our community - are there other issues you think we should look into:

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