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    How to customize generated files location? /Issue with null Properties

    Bruce H Newbie

      Hello, I am using Errai 3.2.3.Final with GWT 2.7.0 and maven 3, I want to leverage the security features it has but when I start my app server I get this trace:







      I have the ErraiApp.properties file with this content errai.security.user_on_hostpage_enabled=true and doing a debug I see the authenticationService and properties injected members are both null.


      @WebFilter(filterName = "ErraiUserHostPageFilter", urlPatterns = { "/index.jsp", "/index.html" })

      public class UserHostPageFilter implements Filter {


        private AuthenticationService authenticationService; -> null

        private Properties properties; -> null

      I *think* this could be due to the fact that the generated classes are being put at the parent pom level in a .errai folder instead of in the generated-sources target directory in maven, is there a plugin I have to customize? I have looked at the tutorial example but I don't see any specific settings for this.

      If this is not the cause what could it be?

      Thanks in advance