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    Clustering + load balance strangeness on WF 10

    Nicklas Karlsson Master

      I'm using Clustering and Domain Setup Walkthrough - WildFly 10 - Project Documentation Editor and I've set up two WF10:s that appear to be hooked up (I deployed to the cluster and the app got deployed to both nodes etc).


      Then I followed Using Wildfly as a Load Balancer - WildFly 10 - Project Documentation Editor and when I access the /cluster-demo on the loadbalancer and refresh, I see the requests distributed between the nodes. However, if I try the put.jsp and then try the get.jsp, I always get the result "null" even if I hit the server that got the put.jsp. If I go directly to the node context-roots, both put.jsp and get.jsp works. My loadbalancer conf is


      undertow/default-server/default-host <location name="/cluster-demo" handler="my-handler"/>




      <reverse-proxy name="my-handler">

      <host name="node1" o-s-b="node1", scheme="ajp", path="/cluster-demo" instance-id="myroute"/>

      <host name="node2" o-s-b="node2", scheme="ajp", path="/cluster-demo" instance-id="myroute"/>



      socket-binding-group (standard-sockets)


      <o-s-b name="node1">

        <r-d host="node1.ip.addr" port="8259"/>


      <o-s-b name="node2">

        <r-d host="node2.ip.addr" port="8259"/>



      (both have port-offset 250)


      Something I misunderstood?


      Thanks in advance