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    always sending content-type text/html header

    Carlos Alexandro Becker Newbie

      I'm migrating an app from jboss as 6 to wildfly 9.0.2.



      The app is deploying and working, but I noticed something strange.



      We have a login page in `webapp/login/login.jsp`, and it's assets are in `webapp/login/` too. Those assets are always transferred with the `Content-Type` header set to `text/html`.



      I tried to remove all filters (including struts, for example), but still the content-type is wrong.



      I tried to declare the mime-type mapping in web.xml for `css` and `js` files, also didn't work.



      I even tried to set up a filter to override the content-type, and too didn't work.



      I'm out of options here, does anyone ever seen anything like that?