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    JBoss EAP 8 ideas/roadmap

    Adil Arif Newbie

      My congratulations on the JBoss team for the EAP 7 release. It is amazing! I can't wait until I upgrade my organization's servers to it.


      My question is, do any of the developers have any ideas or a roadmap of what they would like to see in the EAP 8 or EAP 7.x releases? How do you plan to work around Oracle's Java EE disinvestment? Thanks!

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          Adil Arif Newbie

          My wishlist for EAP 7/ EAP 7.x


          • More interaction with the community
            • A reddit AMA would be nice
          • Complete revamp of the web user interface
            • More graphical and less text based
              • It would be nice if Keycloak and Websphere Liberty Profile provided the inspiration
            • An interactive interface for the log messages
              • Provide hints to the commons log errors
              • Automatic Google Searches for complex errors
            • Easy way to configure log messages for export to Splunk, ELK and more
          • The creation of a "marketplace" of subsystems that Wildfly Swarm can integration interact with
            • This would be a killer feature!
          • Published SPECjEnterprise benchmarks
          • Better integration with Linux
            • Port the EAP installer screen to a cockpit plugin
              • I want to be able to build and deploy an entire JBoss environment without ever having to manually ssh into a box
          • More backward compatible
            • No more major rewrites or changes in the core subsystems
              • I think you all have finished the large rewrite which started from EAP 5
            • Return of some dropped functionality like JSF 1 support
          • Enhance Thermostat functionality
          • Removing all the information about the JBoss product from jboss.org
            • They all already seem to be part of the Red Hat Developers site
            • Turn jboss.org into a more community projects centered site