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    jboss-service.xml file migration from Jboss 6.1 to wildfly 10

    Vaikunda Jothi Newbie

      Below jboss-service.xml is working fine in Jboss6.1 and it is not working in wildfly10


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


        <mbean code="test.TestService"



          <attribute name="SubscriptionList">


              <mbean name="jboss.system:type=Server">

                <notification type="org.jboss.system.server.started"/>

                <notification type="org.jboss.system.server.stopped"/>







      The attributes <depends> and <attribute name="SubscriptionList"> are creating issues during deployment. Could anybody help me to migrate the above jboss-service.xml to wildfly 10?