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    Getting Started Question

    Sebastian Sickelmann Newbie



      actually i am trying the getting started guide for JBoss Fuse 6.2.1 and i have some problems with the 4th chapter.


      The 4th Chapter is about creating and configuring a fabric.


      After i created two child containers, a base and two derived profiles and assigning the derived profiles to the child containers I am able to start all up.


      But in the guide it is suggested to check the cxf:list-endpoints output. The problem i have is that there is no cxf command installed.


      Can someone help me?


      Kind regards


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          Grzegorz Grzybek Novice

          Hello Sebastian


          You're right, there's problem with the documentation. feature-cxf profile used to contain feature that provides CXF commands, but it's no longer true.

          Before we update the docs, please do one more update to the list of commands from chapter 4.2.2:

          fabric:profile-edit --feature cxf-commands gs-cxf-base

          and you should see these commands.

          best regards
          Grzegorz Grzybek