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    Equivalent to Rabbitmq exchange in activemq




      We are currently moving from rabbitmq to activemq. Our current setup in rabbitmq uses persistent queues that bind to a topic exchange and have multiple subscribers to load balance workloads. I would like to achieve the same results with activemq. I have done some reading around the area and I believe the way I can achieve this is to use a VirtualTopic which seems to act much like an exchange in rabbitmq. Am I correct with this approach? Are there other ways to achieve this and is there anything I should be taking into consideration coming from rabbitmq. I should mention we are also looking at using the STOMP protocol as we need clients in multiple languages and there will be a period where we need to support both activemq and rabbitmq (both of which support STOMP but not amqp 1.0)


      Thanks for any help you can give.


      Craig Brookes


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