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    JBoss AS7 mod_cluster failover domain controller

    Arthur Sampaio Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I have successfully set up jboss as7 domain clusters several times, but one thing that I always get asked is:


      What happens if the master fails?


      I always answer that this is a remote possibility and we do set up monitors to make sure the "master jboss node" (domain controller) is always operating. But we always wondered how to set up a failover for the domain controller. Maybe a solution within DNS server? Something like that?


      The problem is that we always end up with the chain of "What if" questions... It seems to me that there will always be an entry point to the application and this entry point might as well fail at some point, in which case we would be completely offline.


      Is my understanding correct?


      If I am correct, then the only benefit of using a HA cluster or domain mode server would be to improve performance by splitting processing power and memory between slave nodes?


      Thank you very much,