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    Determining if a specific node is a slave or master

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      I am in need of trying to figure out if a specific node in a cluster is slave or master.  The reason for this is because the F5 that does the load balancing wants to know the information and I know that the nodes can change depending on fail over.  So I need to find a way to kind of make a rest API endpoint that they can go to that can tell them if that specific node is a slave or master.  Is there an API out there that allows us to get this information programatically? How does the admin console get this information?



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          There is no concept of master/slave in clustering in WildFly. Maybe you mean something else?


          In JGroups there is a concept of "coordinator" which you can find out using clustering API, see org.wildfly.clustering.group.Group#isCoordinator.

          In Infinispan, there is concept of "primary" and backup owner which pertains to each key, not node.

          Domain management-wise there is a domain controller (master) from which nodes fetch their configuration.