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    Arquillian : deploy once run multiple test classes?

    Rakesh K. Cherukuri Newbie



      Background : We have around 1000 service tests (Cactus based) currently. We are contemplating to move away from cactus to arquillian. In order to get the test output quickly, we do run them in parallel (on different CI slaves) and it takes an hour to get them done completely which is one of the reason to move away from cactus.


      Coming to application code, the service classes are typical Stateless beans but they do depend on other Stateless beans all the time.


      Given the scenario:

      In remote container setup, is it possible to do deployment only once and run multiple test classes against it.

      Reason for doing so : as the services depend on each other, we end up deploying significant code every time which is time consuming. We want to avoid that.

      Something like (GitHub - ingwarsw/arquillian-suite-extension: Arquillian extension that will force single deployment for all tests ) which seems to be outdated