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    dynamic database

    heo con Newbie

      In my project, I want to update data in one table of one specific database. For example, in 2008, I want to execute data in 2008's database. But in the next year, 2009, I want to execute data in 2009's database. I mean that in the first day of new year, I want to create new database, then I'll program and execute on that database. My purpose is that data of one year will be stored in one database; in the first day of next year, data of new year will be stored in new database. Anyone know? Thanks alot for all reply!

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Sometime in December create the next year's database. At 1 second to midnight on Dec 31st, bring down the app server, change the *-ds.xml file to reference the new database, and bring the app server back up.

          You might be able to accomplish the same thing by simply replacing the *-ds.xml file at midnight (with the app server still running), but the app server restart might go smoother. If you decide to replace the *-ds.xml file, you should try it on a test system before doing it in production.