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    jboss wildfly and CLIENT-CERT Configuration

    s.santilli Newbie

      Hello Community,


      We are converting a glassfish war/application to a jboss because we have heard many good things regarding jboss ... previously in our glassfish deployment version, we had web.xml CLIENT-CERT configured for authentication, quite simply apache would authenticate incoming requests and forward the certificate subject over to galssfish, which in turn validated the incoming requests by merely referencing the the role/principal names listed in the glassfish's sun-web.xml file. For example:


             <principal-name>CN=mysupport, OU=MyTeam, O=MyCompany Inc., L=MyCity, ST=MyState, C=MyCountry</principal-name>


      Does anyone know how to do the equivalent configuration in jboss wildfly 10?


      Thank-you kindly