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    Is switchyard part of JBoss Fuse ?

    suresh gaddam Newbie

      Am a newbie to JBOSS Middleware products. Based on my research there are 3 different products to consider while implementing SOA. Which would be an ideal product to consider for implementing SOA ?, it seems functionality is overlapping b/w all these products.


      Can you please advise me on the factors to consider while selecting one of them and when to choose each one of them ?


      1) JBoss Fuse.

      2) JBoss Serviceworks.

      3) Switchyard.


      How does licensing model works for these 3 products ?. Is it an single license for Redhat jboss middleware products or does each one of them have licenses separately ? .

      I have read in one of the forum that switchyard is part of FUse 6.2, in that case does Fuse and Switchyard holds single license ?


      Your suggestions are valuable, please let me know.