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    JMS Message priority don't seem to work

    Arnab Ghosh Novice

      Hi All,


      Let me provider my system set up before going in the problem. We are using Wildfly 8.2.0.Final.

      We have one instance of Wildfly (Queue server) on which all our Queue's and Topic's are deployed. There are another two instance of Wildfly where MDB's are deployed which are listening to the remote queues deployed on the queue server.


      Now the problem, Messages are pushed by Message producers with 3 priotity (4, 5 and 6). The messages with priority 4 is comparably high volume that the other two. We are seeing behavior where the messages with high priority seem to get stuck and is only processed after low priority ones.


      I have already set the consumer window size to zero. Please let me know if you need more information.