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    How to reload camel context automatically in openshift 3.x using fis-java

    Ravishankar Hassain Newbie

      I have previous experience in Apache Camel and JBoss Fuse and I am new to Openshift version 3.x I am trying to deploy a camel application which is developed using java dsl and spring DI.


      I am using an external properties file to load the consumer and producer endpoint in camel.In JBoss Fuse I used the configAdmin services with the update-stratergy=reload as shown below in my blueprint.xml


      <!-- OSGI blueprint property placeholder -->

      <cm:property-placeholder id="routesConfig" persistent-id="org.sample.camel.routes.config" update-strategy="reload"/>


      The above configuration will reload the camelContext automatically when there is a change in the properties file


      How can I achieve the same functionality using fis-java-openshift:1.0 template image in openshift 3.x