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    Problem adding roles using kie-config-cli tool

    Amar Amarnath Newbie

      In documentation provided by RedHat - 4.3. Commands Available for the kie-config-cli Tool, and by the JBPM team (Chapter 9. Workbench (General) section, it is stated that the commands add-role-repo, remove-role-repo, add-role-org-unit, remove-role-org-unit, add-role-project and remove-role-project may be used to add roles to the JBPM database. I downloaded JBPM 6.4 Final, with the files for kie-config-cli.from kie-wb-distributions/kie-config-cli at master · droolsjbpm/kie-wb-distributions · GitHub


      I also tried downloading the zip file with jar files & script files from Index of /maven2/org/kie/kie-config-cli/6.4.0-SNAPSHOT. I work on a Linux machine, running GNU Linux release 3.10.0-327.13.1.el7.x86_64.


      When I typed "help" after invoking kie-config-cli.sh from the command line, after installing JBPM 6.4 successfully, the cli tool claimed that the role addition/removal commands were not supported. I looked at the source code at kie-wb-distributions/kie-config-cli/src/main/java/org/kie/config/cli/command at master · droolsjbpm/kie-wb-distributions… and the code sems to say the same thing.


      Am I looking at the wrong distribution of the cli tool? Is there a version that does support role addition/removal; as described in the documentation?