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    Understanding how to organise data in Jboss

    Dave Kant Newbie

      Dear Jboss enthusiasts,

      I'm look for some ideas on ways to improve our use of JBoss to represent our data. I'll describe our "simple" use of jboss and provide some pseudo code.

      Our current setup is as follows:

      Our database has two tables

      a) group_product which provides a mapping between groups and products. A product can belong to more than one group.

      group_product table
      oid group product
      925 169535 637092
      926 169535 637093
      927 169535 637094
      928 169600 637094

      b) product which provides details about products

      product table
      oid name
      637092 strawberry
      637093 apricot
      637094 raspberry

      In our Java application we use GroupProduct objects and Product objects to reprsent the data and our logic is to look in the cache before
      going to the database when performing reads. We use Jboss treecache to represent this data and pull data for the cache using something
      like this:-

      public List getGroupProducts(List groupProductIds) {
      List gp = new ArrayList();
      for (Integer id : groupProductIds) {
      gp.add((GroupProduct)getFromCache(groupProductFqn, id))
      return gp;

      public List getProducts(List productIds) {
      List p = new ArrayList();
      for (Integer id : productIds) {
      return p;

      private RepositoryEntity getFromCache(Fqn fqn, Integer oid) {
      RepositoryEntity entity = cache.getCopy(fqn, oid)
      return entity;

      Here the fqn is the FQN of the table and the index is the oid of the table.

      Now, if I want to get all the products from a collection of groupProducIds, I have to do the following
      1. Get all the GroupProduct Objects for the collection of groupProductIds
      2. for each GroupProduct Object get the product
      3. for each product, get the product data

      My main concern with this design is that its inefficient because its getting data from the cache
      oid-by-oid and the cache is using locking everytime we pull data from it. Of course, we will benefit
      from MVCC in Jboss version 3, but for now we are using version 2 and i'm looking for ways to improve the
      design by making fewer get calls. However, we also have to maintain the information in the cache, which
      means adding/removing new group-product mappings and products.

      Can we better organise how Jboss represents the data?

      Many thanks, for your ideas!