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    Monitoring used Java memory

    Jeff Harper Newbie

      I'm trying to monitor the Used Java memory in WildFly8 using JMX.


      Currently I have the following options -

      Using jboss-cli

      C:\wildfly-8.2.1.Final\bin\jboss-cli --connect command='/core-service=platform-mbean/type=memory/ :read-attribute(name=heap-memory-usage)'

      Using standalone twiddle

      "C:\Program Files (x86)\twiddle\bin\twiddle.bat" -s service:jmx:http-remoting-jmx://localhost:9990 get --noprefix jboss.as:core-service=platform-mbean,type=memory heap-memory-usage


      but they return a structure e.g.


          "outcome" => "success",

          "result" => {

              "init" => 134217728L,

              "used" => 804574352L,

              "committed" => 918552576L,

              "max" => 1431830528L




      Is there a way to pull just the "used" number directly?