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    injection and classloader isolation

    Dmitry Beransky Newbie


      Could anyone point me in the right direction for more information about this issue or ideas on how to debug it?

      I have a bean:

      @PersistenceContext(name="PolicyPersistenceUnit", unitName="PolicyPersistenceUnit")
      public class FundingServiceBean implements FundingServiceRemote {
       @PersistenceUnit(unitName = "PolicyPersistenceUnit")
       private EntityManagerFactory emf;
       // ...
       public PolicyFundingInfo getPolicyFundingInfo(String producerCode,
       String chkControlId,
       String arControlId,
       int certmainseqno) {
       EntityManager em = emf.createEntityManager();

      With no classloader isolation, the injection works just fine and when getPolicyFundingInfo() is called, "emf" instance variable is set.

      However, when I add jboss-app.xml with


      "emf" no longer gets injected.

      Any thoughts why?