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    Some questions for WildFly Swarm

    Sarah Qu Newbie

      Dear all,


      I recognized this project and now I have some questions regarding this WildFly Swarm


      a) My complete Wildfly Server is a package (.jar) ? So I have no physically some folders on my share drive?

      b) I have already a Web project which generate my .war File

          b1) Where should I place this .war - file?

      c) Where can I find the settings from the server like standalone.conf ? Directly in the .jar file?

      d) Where can I set the settings for my database?

      d) I need a main - method which:

          a) start the server and deploy the .war file

              --> How can I do this?

      e) Which libs are necessary to create a smal project like:

          a) Main method (start and stop the server). Later I will implement a Gui to start and stop the server

          b) Deploy the .war File

          c) Are there any samples for this in place?


      Thank you