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    Wildfly REST server in Eclipse

    Royi Bernthal Newbie

      Hi, I'm new here, my name is Royi.


      I'd like to migrate my server-side code from PHP to Java.

      After a bit of research I decided to program it in Java using Wildfly.

      I have a vast experience in OOP languages (mainly client-side), no server-side experience except PHP & mySQL.


      I downloaded and set up Eclipse and Wildfly 10 and added a management user at localhost -> Administration Console.

      I created an eclipse project which runs on wildfly - it creates successfully a basic .jsp for testing.


      I need my server to be able to handle simple RESTs.

      My aim is to focus as much as possible on oop logic, basic db actions, and generating/returning jsons for each request from the client-side.


      How should I proceed from here?

      What type of project is best suited for my needs? (e.g. Dynamic Web Project)

      Where does my logic go?

      How does the logic interlace with the .jsps?

      Is .jsp the right format or should I be looking at something more suitable?

      Is there anything else I should know or anything I can read that can put me on the right track?