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    InitialContext did not implement EventContext

    Hamdur Rahman Newbie

      I am using ejb 3.0 and Jboss and during the deployment of my application(i.e. during server startup), I am regularly getting warning
      "InitialContext did not implement EventContext" from SessionFactoryObjectFactory class.
      I went in the source code of hibernate, there in the class I found this:
      try {
      Context ctx = NamingHelper.getInitialContext(properties);
      NamingHelper.bind(ctx, name, instance);
      log.info("Bound factory to JNDI name: " + name);
      ( (EventContext) ctx ).addNamingListener(name, EventContext.OBJECT_SCOPE, LISTENER);
      catch (InvalidNameException ine) {
      log.error("Invalid JNDI name: " + name, ine);
      catch (NamingException ne) {
      log.warn("Could not bind factory to JNDI", ne);
      catch(ClassCastException cce) {
      log.warn("InitialContext did not implement EventContext");

      I cannot understand why the context is cast to Event Context.
      One more thing, Seeing the log what I found that this warning is not only comming on server startup but also in between.
      Can anybody suggest changes I have to make in my application.

      Thanks in advance