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    Different .NET Namespace Reference generated by the JBoss Web Service

    Jose David Perez Rodas Newbie

      Technical Background:

      • Blaze Advisor Version: 7.3
      • Target Platform: Java EJB Web Service
      • Client Type: Java
      • Target Language: Java
      • Server Type: Stateless
      • Vendor: JBoss EAP 6.3.0
      • Java Version: JDK 1.7.0 Update 80
      • EntryPoint Name: ePVariosSolicitantesConcat

      We're using Blaze Advisor 7.3 to generate a JBoss EJB WebService, with the same configurations as the Blaze Advisor 6.10, the deployment works correctly and the WebService URL is online with differences from the previous URL, we're not changing the naming conventions so the ContextRoot and the WebService Name keeps as the generated from Blaze Advisor. The URL's are defined as follow:

      We developed a .NET application to access the WebService as a Web Reference, the application generates a Namespace named ALC_WS [attached as Blaze Advisor 6.10 Namespace.txt] which works with the Blaze 6.10 URL, and we can access to the Entry Point functions to start invoking the Web Service. Then we try to use the Blaze 7.3 URL, and generates a Namespace [attached as Blaze Advisor 7.3 Namespace.txt]  with differences in the functions that access the Entry Point [as seen in image EntryPoint Differences.png], so when we try to access the function it throws and exception [as seen on image Error.png].


      Is there any differences to access the WebService in JBoss EAP 6.3.0? Or we have to make additional configuration to the deployment?