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    [wildfly] ejb receiver is auto closed after 1 minute if the cached ejb(context) is not used



        I meet one issue "EJBCLIENT000025: No EJB receiver available for handling...", it could be reproduced with following steps

      1. Create context and look up EJB from another machine.  At this step: one EJB Receiver instance is got and cached

      2. After some time, which is longer than 1 minute, invoke the EJB got from step1


      The cause is that after idle for one minutes, the machine hosting EJB will auto close the remote connection for EJB receiver. I'm trying to find out where the one minute value is configured, but

      didn't make any progress.

      I also configured "jboss.naming.client.connect.options.org.xnio.Options.KEEP_ALIVE" to "true" when initializing Context, so the TCP connection is keep alive. But it didn't work.


      Can someone tell me where the one minute is configured, and in my case, I'd like to allow some connection to keep alive forever, and later the cached ejb stub could be accessed anytime later.