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    Wildfly 10.0.0.Final datasources - connection leak?

    Ariel Carrera Newbie

      Hi, I've been being affected by a problem while I was testing a jboss quickstart from Switchyard project with Wildfly 10.0.0.Final.

      When I run the example with Wildfly 8.1.0.Final it works ok but when I run it with

      Wildfly 10.0.0.Final it fails. A connection leak take place.

      After some time debugging I could resolve the problem using a custom EntityManagerFactory that uses to a jboss datasource or a HikariCP Pool.


      The "Switchyard/Camel jpa component" used into the the quickstart project (that i was testing) creates every time an EntityManagerFactory instead to reuse one. It has a reference into the persistence.xml to the jboss datasource by JNDI. Maybe it must not be an implementation with the best performance or yes, but I think that it shouldn't be a problem if reuse a singular jboss datasource.


      I don't know if it is exactly the way to reproduce the problem but I understand that if it is working with Wildfly 8, should work fine with Wildfly 10 instead.


      I created a jira issue in the Switchyard project ([SWITCHYARD-2925] Connection leak on Wildfly 10 (component-camel/camel-jpa) - JBoss Issue Trackerbut in my opinion, can be a problem with Wildfly / Ironjacamar implementation.