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    JBoss ON SNMP custom message

    David Pretorius Newbie

      Good day


      I am working with JBoss ON for the first time and so far the tool is great. However, I need to be able to send an SNMP trap to our CA SOI platform in the following format:



      High level qualifierCISeverityText
      My_qualifierservername_alertnamecriticalthe text I want for the alert
      (Must be a static value)(The server name, then underscore, then the alert name)(whatever the severity is)(any text I deem necessary, for examle, the confition and the value of the item I am monitoring)

      The above fields must be seperated by a space.


      I fiddled around with the RHQ-mid file, but it doesn't seem to be able to take static text values and underscores? I did find the MIB hirarchy and played around with that, but I cannot get the results in the table above


      Any help will be appreciated.