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    Installation of "rh-dotnetcore10" via the official instructions?

    Andrew Jones Newbie



      The "official" instructions for using .NET on RHEL 7.2 seem to be "live" as of here:




      However, on a fully up-to-date RHEL 7.2 box, the step:


      > yum install -y rh-dotnetcore10



      fails (package doesn't exist).


      Have these instructions gone live a bit early, or is there something else I need to do to get access to rh-dotnetcore10?


      Some other guides:




      suggest installing the CentOS 7.1 build from the official .NET Core repository. The problem with this is that you get messages such as:


      > System.Console 4.0.0-rc2-24027 provides a compile-time reference assembly for System.Console on DNXCore,Version=v5.0, but there is no run-time assembly compatible with rhel.7.2-x64.



      for _a lot_ of things!


      Any help here would be greatly appciated -- cheers,