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    Editing RHQ Links


      Hi All,


      RHQ has been chosen as a solution by the Company that I work for and I've been tasked with looking to remove / re-direct some of the links on RHQ that will direct our customers to sites that are not under the control or governance of the Company. For example, on the Dashboard tab, the link to "Project Documentation" will bring the user to Jboss specific documentation - User Documentation - RHQ - Project Documentation Editor. I would look to remove this link or at least re-direct the user to a company specific page.


      Has anybody had cause to do similar editing to the content of the application and if so, could you offer any advice or instructions to get me started on this task.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Hello Martin,


          You could remove that widget, or even configure it to point to a different html / webaddress with your desired content. To do that login as an admin user and edit the dashboard, removing or configuring the desired widgets of the dashboard.