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    Issue with the new jboss fuse tooling

    Tzachi Cohen Newbie

      We download the latest JBoss studio developer version 9.1 and 10 and we saw that Fuse tolling components are not built-in anymore and need to download it as additional plugins,

      The issue that its available only on early access mode  and indeed we found 2 big defects,


      1. Anytime we change something in the canvass we must move to the source perspective in order it to be reflected, otherwise it will not save and the build will failed.
      2. Data transformation component not working, in run time get error mapping xml not found

      It is something that very easy to reproduce…..


      We try it in JBoss studio9.1, JBoss studio10.0, eclipse mars2 and eclipse neon.

      all have the same issues


      So our questions are:

      1. Why the Fuse tools is available only on early access mode, without options  to get previous(stable) versions?
      2. When we going to release the stable version?
      3. Do we have any way get fixes to this issues?


      Please advise if its known issue that was already resolved, or we are doing something wrong in our project