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    Wildfly could not start up properly after shutdown

    Wayne Wang Apprentice

      I use cli to deploy and shutdown wildfly 10.


      If I clean up /content/* and /tmp/* and start up a wildfly 10 instance, then I deploy the application with /:deploy ${a ear file}, the server starts up properly.If I then shut it down with /:shutdown, it looks like it was successfully shut down. Then if I start it again with standalone.bat ..., I found a lot of error indicating missing dependency. I would have to clean those two directory and re-deploy the application to get the application up and running.


      Sometimes, it seems there is no need to clean up those two folders, but most of time, I need to do it and re-deploy the application.


      What is the proper way to manage the server start up and shutdown. Is it possible that this is a windows issue (I did it in my windows machine)?