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    Model import in guided rules

    Alexander Gazizov Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      Following the workshop 4 I really stuck on the step where model is imported (in guided rules). In "Add Import" pop-up there is only one option "java.lang.Number" available. I can not see the models that I have created (like in workshop materials). The screenshots both from my case and from workshop materials are attached.


      I would be glad if somebody could help me with this issue.

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          Jozef Marko Newbie

          Hi Alexander, thanks for bringing out this question. If you created your model classes in the same package as you created your guided rule then the import dialogue won't show the model classes. In other words, if guided rule and model are in the same package, there is no need to import this model. Is this your case?


          Regards, Jozef.