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    Autowiring a Spring Bean from a jar

    Mohammad Raza Newbie



      I have a Camel project that reads/writes data to a RabbitMQ. I wanted to add a jar that a co-worker wrote as a dependency and autowire a bean from that jar in my camel project.


      I added the jar to the pom file but when I try to deploy the bundle, I get an error saying:


      Bundle ID: 334

      Error executing command: Error installing bundles:

              Unable to start bundle mvn:com.company.camel/ExternalWSProcessor/1.0.0: Unresolved constraint in bundle com.company.camel.ExternalWSProcessor [334]: Unable to resolve 334.0: missing requirement [334.0] osgi.wiring.package; (osgi.wiring.package=com.amazonaws.auth)


      The jar uses AWS SDK to talk to DynamoDB. Is there a specific way to include Spring jar in a Camel project for it to work on JBoss Fuse? Am I supposed to enable any features in JBoss Fuse? Why do I get "FeatureServices service is unavailable" message when I try to addurl by doing "features:addurl" ?