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    "The connection does not exist" after loosing/getting connec

    cat Newbie

      We have a production system that runs jboss 4.2 and a AS400-DB2 database.
      It happens sometime that the DB is shutdown and restarted during the night for administrative purposes while jboss is still running.
      But after the database is up we continue to focus a serirs of errors like:

      java.sql.SQLException: The connection does not exist.
      at com.ibm.as400.access.JDError.throwSQLException(JDError.java:389)
      at com.ibm.as400.access.AS400JDBCConnection.checkOpen(AS400JDBCConnection.java:418)

      Seems that jboss does not imeediately regenerates connections after first connection error and continues throwing exceptions like previous one for a lot of time.
      Is it possible to force JBoss to immediately try to regenerate connections in pool after an error like this ?

      Many thanks