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    Wildfly server with Load Balancer

    Vijayakumar Arumugam Newbie

      Dear All,


      I am new to Wildfly server and first time working on server upgrade. I am upgrading project from Jboss 4 to Wildfly 9.

      I have done all the necessary changes and deployed environment, application is working fine.


      Same I moved to Pre-Production, Server is started without any error but the application URL is not working.

      In Pre-Prod request will got to F5 server (load balancer) and request will redirect to Pre-Prod1 or Pre-Prod2.

      AJP Port 8009 is up and Http port also up 8080. But the request is not reaching from Load Balancer to application server.


      If I start Jboss 4 with same ports, the application is working fine. Really I dont know what else I need to do for run the application in Jboss9.


      Can you please hlep me.