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    Is there a way to configure a custom 404 error page instead of 403 forbidden error

    leo chen Newbie

      Hi all,


      I am running wildfly version 10.0.0.Final, and meeting with a problem about the 403 forbidden page.


      The problem is when I access a web directory which exists in my server (like http://ip:port/myserver/<existing_web_directory>), the return result is 403 forbidden page. While in previous version JBoss EAP 6.4, the return page is as defined in my web.xml (404 error page) instead of 403 forbidden. I am not sure if the description is clear enough but my quesion is is there a way to configure this to a custom 404 error page instead of 403 forbidden error?


      The configured 404 page in web.xml is like below:

        <error-code id="error404">404</error-code>

      Accessing the existing web directory http://ip:port/myserver/<existing_web_directory> will return this configured 404 page, but in wildfly, it returns 403 forbidden page.