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    Jboss 4.2.0 suddenly takes more time and memory to start up

    Alassane Ba Newbie

      Since a week ago, our production jboss 4.2.0 server takes longer to start up. Usually it starts in 20 s but now it takes 1m40 s.
      The worst is that after a start up, when i do ps to see how much memory the java process consume; i used to see something like 3.2% of total memory but now it climbed to 7.8% which is really weird.
      Any Ideas ??

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Here are some things you can try.

          a) Compare the console log (for starup) of your production server with a clean test version that has your app deployed. Compare the timestamps in the log.

          b) What is in the server/xxx/data directory? Perhaps there are a lot of serialized sessions.

          c) Use a tool such a jconsole or visualvm to monitor the heap usage, or set some of the JVM command line options to gather garbage collection statistics.

          d) Use jmap or visualvm to get a heap dump and use visualvm to analyze it. If you do this for both the production and clean test versions you should be able to notice differences in object counts.