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    Upgrading an application from Wildfly 8.x to 9.x or 10.x

    Tony Gunter Newbie

      Does anyone have a link for instructions to upgrade an application from JBoss Wildfly 8.x to a newer version?  Specifically, our developers started developing an application on Wildfly 10.0.0.  Later, a requirement was added for a workflow engine, preferably running on the same server.  Naturally I downloaded JBPM, but it ships with Wildfly 8.2 under the covers.


      I tried changing the build.properties file to install 10.0.0 instead of 8.2, and I'm getting jms stack traces (I assume because of the move to ApacheMQ).  Does a step-by-step upgrade / conversion document exist that would map out all of the changes I need to make?