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    Release of 4.7.0-Final


      Hi. I was wondering if we could get 4.7 released. It contains the fix for [MODE-2615] which is critical for us. I know in the bug Horia, you mentioned there aren't any more 4.x releases planned but I do see that there is an optional 4.7 release in JIRA. I was hoping we could get this optional release out which save us having to build ModeShape ourselves and store it in our local Maven repo. It's not that we can't do it but that I would feel much more comfortable using an official release.


      I don't think there is much I can do but I would be super willing to help in any way I can with preparing the release. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to lower the work load for you guys.


      If this can be done it would be greatly appreciated!!




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          This particular issue has been backported to 4.x. In general however, the codebases are so different now between 4 and 5 that we're not considering backporting any other issues.


          So we could look at doing a Maven-only 4.6.1 release with just this single fix included (most likely sometime this week or next week). By Maven-only I mean that we would only be releasing the ModeShape Maven artifacts without doing an official release of all the binary, docs and WF kit distributions. Would this help ?

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            That would be perfect!

            Just a side note; will the test jars be released as well? I noticed they weren't with 4.6.0-FINAL, we use the test jars for some unit and integration tests. It would be great if those were released as well.


            Thanks a lot for your help. Much appreciated.

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              Yes, we'd normally release test-jars as well. I'm not entirely sure actually why they haven't been released with 4.6. They were released with 4.5 but were not released with 4.4 and so on, so it's a bit weird.

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                ModeShape 4.6.1.Final is available | ModeShape. The artifacts should be immediately available in the JBoss Maven repo and should show up soon in Maven Central as well.