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    Wildfly to a different purpose

    Geoffry Roberts Newbie



      I have a project for which I believe Wildfly will serve well but I have a couple of questions. 

      1. I gather, unlike the JBoss I know from the past, Wildfly has it's own; written from scratch servlet container.  Is it safe to assume this container will run anything say Jetty will run?

      2. I want to use the JAIN/SLEE subsystem that was/is a part of the Mobicents project.  I don't see it listed among the Wildfly components.  I do see it as a part of the RestComm project, which I understand has taken over Mobicents.  Is it safe to assume Wildfly will run any subsystem that JBoss AS can run?




      I don't want to use RestComm as is because it is highly focused on the world of VOIP.  I am doing something else.  I am looking to leverage the service building blocks ofd JSLEE along with their attendant capabilities to do a completely different thing.  I need to support REST calls that hand off to services where commit/rollback of transactions and asynchronous events are vital hence my interest in JSLEE.


      I realize my questions might be out of the ordinary.