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    How to create own oauth 1a, and used on JEE/Spring and Wildfly

    Heni Ghodbane Newbie

      Hello all,


      I appreciate your efforts and time to answer for our question and solve problem throw jboss.org forum,


      I have some question, sense I am new and I don't know so match about JEE/Spring and Wildly,


      my first question is about oauth:


      I have read about oauth 1a and I think is more secure then 2, (true ?)

      so for that I need to know how can I create our own oauth 1a and used to provide a secure REST services,


      as a second question, witch one of those technologies is good to create rest services: JEE or Spring framwork


      I know JEE 7 and Wildly 8.1.0 but I don't know about spring for that it difficult from my side to choose witch one,


      but Spring is powerful than  can deploy the project on wildly
      because I went to benefit from Wildly futures and integrate with Nginx to benefit from load balancing....


      Please if you can make more details in you answer like version...

      Thank you

      Best  regards