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    Camel+ActiveMQ redelivery blocking story

    A F Newbie


      I have a test route starting from queue with fault thrown and redelivery set. Could somebody explain me a strange behavior of redelivery - there are 2 routes in context with direct component from one to another. There are some logs in both routes. There is an exception thrown at the end of second route.

      So my questions are:

      1. Why while redelivery there are only logs from second route appears - no logs from first route? (Although I am using org.apache.camel.builder.NoErrorHandlerBuilder in the second route)

      2. Although I am using nonBlockingRedelivery and useAsyncSend redelivery hanged the whole queue and it is waiting while redelivery with standard delays happens(it could be seen by observing logs - 3 messages sent in different threads and other messages is waiting while one message is being redelivered) - what should I change to unblock the queue while redelivery?

      My test project in attach.

      Thanks in advance!