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    rich:chart chnage the plot information color?




      How to change the plot information color for chats?Looks like this is default one.Is it possible to change it?

      I am working with RF Version latest one.


      <rich:chart id="cghartId" title="Simple Reporting Chart" hooks="hooks" >

                                      <rich:chartSeries type="bar">

                                          <a4j:repeat value="#{chartreport.listChartData}" var="record">

                                              <rich:chartPoint x="#{record.monthsYearChartPlot}"

                                                  y="#{record.totalPageVisitedYearChartPlot}" />



                                      <rich:chartXAxis label="Year" id="yearxaxis" style="color:black !important;"/>   --- This is also not working???  Color is dull    

                                      <rich:chartYAxis label="Total Visitor Count" style="color:black !important;"/>     --- This is also not working??? Color is dull

                                      <span id='clickInfo'></span>


      Thank you.