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    How to make WSDLDocumentation annotation to show in generated WSDL?

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      I'm trying to make WSDLDocumentation annotation to show its tags in the generated WSDL by JBoss, but currently seems that the annotations are ignored and not showing in WSDL.


      So i tried to create a bottom up web service (https://github.com/MarcosMenegazzo/bottom-up-ws), using maven:


      mvn archetype:generate org.jboss.ws.plugins.archetypes:jaxws-codefirst


      Then i edited the interface putting the desired documentation annotations:


      package hello.world;
      import javax.jws.WebService;
      import org.apache.cxf.annotations.WSDLDocumentation;
      @WebService(targetNamespace = "http://hello.world.ns/")
      @WSDLDocumentation("Example of SEI")
      public interface HelloWorld {
          @WSDLDocumentation("Say Hi method documentation")
          String sayHi(String text);
          @WSDLDocumentation("Greeting method documentation")
          String greetings(Person person);


      And build it with:


      mvn clean package


      So i deployed the web service with success at my localhost (Example: http://.../webservice/HelloWorldService?wsdl)

      I expected to see <xsd:documentation><xsd:annotation>Example of Sei</xsd:annotation></xsd:documentation> in the WSDL, but none of the documentation annotations are showing.


      I'm stuck. Any tips?